Canon F-792SGA Scientific Calculator

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Canon F-792SGA Scientific Calculator

The Canon F-792SGA scientific calculator handles a total of 648 functions, and its large 4-line matrix display makes calculations easy and comfortable. This calculator includes LCM, GCD function, quotient and remainder, random integers, probability distribution calculations, complex number calculations and more. The F-792SGA also includes 38 built-in formulas. Dual power - solar and battery - allows you to perform your calculations whether you're at school or on the go. It also provides a removable hard case that protects it from damage while you're on the go. The F-792SGA's shell is made of recycled plastic.

  • Total 648 functions
  • 38 built-in formulas
  • 4-line dot matrix display
  • Store in memory
  • Recall memory
  • LCD contrast adjustment
  • Recycled plastic shell
  • Solar power source and battery
  • Hard protective case included

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