Canon MP11DX-2 12-Digit Printing Calculator SKU: SOS-CN2198C002

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The Canon MP11DX-2 has the perfect combination of useful and sophisticated features, compact design, for the busy professional. This desktop, two-color printing calculato incorporates profit margin calculation keys that allow you to calculate the selling price or discount, based on the cost and desired profit margin. In addition, the built-in clock and calendar allows you to view the time and date on the display or print them out.

  • VFD 12 Digit Display
  • Print Speed up to 3.7 Lines/Sec
  • Double Check Function
  • Detachable Pen Holder
  • Currency Conversion
  • Tax Calculation
  • Sign Change
  • Grand Total
  • Memory
  • Business Calculation
  • Percentage
  • Decimal & Rounding
  • Backspace
  • Clock & Calendar
  • AC powered
  • Dimensions: 78 x 208 x 305 mm
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Box includes a MP11DX-2 Printing Calculator, paper roll, pen holder and user manual

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