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Canon CP1200DII 12-Digit Desktop Printing Calculator

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Ensure your calculations are printed for the record with the Canon CP1200DII 12-Digit Desktop Printing Calculator. This handy calculator has a high-speed printing function and a display that uses up to 12 digits, so every calculation can be printed out for reference, making it ideal for taxes and other business purposes. It prints in black and red ink so you can double check numbers and see your results at a glance. Featuring a compact design, the calculator fits easily onto your desktop to keep it within reach or stores neatly out of the way and in a drawer when not in use. Designed to last, this easy-to-read calculator is complete with a metal paper molder for durability and easy paper feeding.

  • Features a 12-digit, large fluorescent tube display for easy reading
  • High-speed printer prints at 4.3 lines per second
  • Prints in red and black ink for quick reference
  • Ideal for tax and business calculations
  • Durable metal paper molder ensures easy paper feeding
  • Weight: 4-1/4 lbs
  • Weighs 4.2 lbs

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